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Hello everyone,

Welcome to our online collaboration space. Here you will find materials and assignments for our advanced class.

Hi everyone! Hope you're all feeling healthy and are ready to read and write! I'll add tasks here weekly and will be available Monday to Friday between 8 am and 1 pm via e-mail at to answer any questions you may have about the assignments.   Hope to see you all again soon. Dr. Sherlock

Hello everyone and welcome to our virtual classroom.

Welcome to our virtual classroom!

This is our e-learning space for the advanced class of the Oberstufe. The course meets for five regular sessions per week. Two of these are held as double sessions and one as a single session. Your attendance in all of these sessions is mandatory. Should you be unable to attend class, please advise your instructor in advance.

Your participation in this class is expected, since we all learn from each other. The more you participate, the more lively and productive our sessions will be. One part of your participation is the completion of course minutes (Stundenprotokoll) for each session or double session, which will be uploaded to this space so that it is accessible for all course participants. You will take turns completing this document according to an order to be determined (I would suggest alphabetical order as the easiest to remember and adhere to).

Our general topic for this year (Q3), which will also appear on your report card under the subject English, is Challenges of our Time. This general topic consists of three subtopics we'll be dealing with during the course of this year:

Human dilemmas in fiction and real life

Modelling the future

Gender issues